"I'll Build You Your Very Own Six-Figure Marketing Sales Funnel That Beats Your Competitors Every Time… Even If They're Bigger, Richer, And Smarter Than You!"

(HINT: It's All About Using The "Behavior-Based Funnel" You'll See Below For HUGE Lifetime Customer Value…)

Hi, my name's Alexandru, and if you're on this page I'm guessing this whole "online business" thing is kind of stressing you out.

Maybe you've seen so many amazing techniques that your head's spinning, trapping you in "paralysis by analysis"…

Maybe you've been told you need so many different things to be successful in your business, you simply don't know where to start…

Or maybe you've finally put together the perfect plan… but feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to even make a dent in it.

Whatever you're going through, I want you to stop worrying right now…

Because I'm going to share a secret I learned from one of America's leading billionaires that will make these problems vanish faster than my life savings a few years ago.

Now, I'll tell you about this secret – and the embarrassing story of how I lost all my cash – in just a moment…

But first, I want you to do yourself a favor and make sure you've got at least 5 uninterrupted minutes you can give me to absorb this billionaire's secret.

So close the door…

Take the phone off the hook…

Hell, tell your boss you're dead if you have to…

And read this letter all the way to the end.

If you do that, I guarantee you'll finally have a crystal-clear direction and know exactly…

How To Make A
Full-Time Income Online
In Just 60 Days From Now

Sound fair?


So like I said, my name's Alexandru. Don't worry about my last name right now – and it's kinda hard to pronounce and it doesn't really matter, 'cause you probably haven't heard of me.

See, I'm not someone with a "big name". I don't make a living selling push-button money-making software, the "hottest" new marketing trend, or anything like that.

You've probably never heard of me, but I'm pretty well known in the upper circles of the internet marketing "gurus".

I've been a key player in some of the biggest launches in the internet marketing space.

Those best-selling courses everyone raves about – you know, the ones that actually help people get their business off the ground and start making REAL money online?

Yeah… chances are a couple of those are mine.

Of course, they don't have my name on them… and that's cool with me.

Frankly, I'm more of a behind-the-scenes guy anyway.

There are two reasons I'm telling you this.

First, I think it's important you realize the guy who you're giving your valuable time to listen to actually knows a thing or two, and second…


Being In Their "Inner Circle" Was
One Hell Of A Learning Experience


When you're working directly with guys who make 7 figures a year online, it's pretty easy to figure out what does and doesn't work.

And here's the funny thing…

The stuff doing the rounds on forums and the programs everyone pimps out to everyone on their list?

Well, the so-called gurus you're paying to learn this stuff from laugh at how stupid it is.

Don't get me wrong…

I don't think they're deliberately trying to keep you in the dark or anything.

Most of them just don't really care enough to fill you in on the truth.

And in a way, I don't blame them.

After all, most people who say they want to have their own internet business are freakin' LAZY.

They want everything handed to them on a silver platter and don't want to have to do an ounce of work.

Now, I'll level with you…

No such opportunity exists.

So if you are allergic to doing any work at all, you can stop reading this and go back to trying to find the next "get rich overnight" scheme…

Because while the secrets you'll learn here are real, honest, and WORK…

They also take a bit of elbow grease.

Thing is, most gurus would never say that.

They know the easy money is promising these lazy saps instant, push-button riches…

And they figure anyone greedy and lazy enough to believe that, won't actually put in any work anyway… so they don't care who they hurt.

Now, while I don't agree with their philosophy, I see their point…

But I draw the line when innocent people like you accidentally land in their cross-hairs.

'Cause let's face it…

These guys are masters at selling the dream.

Their sales message is so good, sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in it.

But unfortunately, it isn't even CLOSE to what REALLY makes these guys money.


The Reason
They're Successful
(And You're Not)

It's simple…

They have a well-oiled machine pumping cash into their bank accounts 24/7.

While you're struggling to put together a web page or banging your head against the wall creating products, these guys are putting together five projects at once.

They have a team for everything. Sales copy? Got a guy. Design? Got a guy. Product creation?

Well, I know they have a guy for that – I was it for a while.

Now, obviously these gurus don't want to advertise this unfair advantage they have.

And if you read this letter to the end, I'll show you how you can get your own machine for a fraction of what they pay.

But first, let me tell you how I stumbled across their secrets and kinda fell into their inner circle.

You see, while things are going great for me now, a few years ago it was a very different story.

I was a struggling college kid obsessed with online businesses…

And every spare minute I had was tied up in this dream…

Not to mention every spare dollar.

In fact, I not only drained my life savings buying course after course from these gurus…

I also maxed out several credit cards.

With the bills piling up and no income, I was in a tight spot.

I couldn't ask my parents for help – they'd KILL me if they knew I'd been "wasting money on this internet crap", as they would say…

Bottom line… I needed to turn things around FAST.

So when I saw a certain well-known guru – let's call him "Mr X" – looking for someone to help put together his product, I jumped at it.

Now, I could go into details about all the time and energy I poured into that product…

How the tweaks and strategies I put into it made people rave about it (and made it one of the biggest successes in the online marketplace that year)

Or even how it got my name thrown around by the internet marketing elite as someone who knows how to create amazing results when it comes to killer products…

But none of that is important right now.

The big key here is that…

I Got To Look
"Under The
Hood" Of These


And you know why they're kicking butt while you're working your ass off?

It's not because they're smarter than you… harder-working than you… or even because they have more connections than you do.

It's also got nothing to do with some new cheap traffic strategy, video webinar method, or any of the other "flavor the month" techniques they promise is the secret to success.

No, what separates them and you is very, very simple…

Speed and scale.

To put it bluntly, if you're trying to do everything yourself – and a lot of entrepreneurs are – then you're almost guaranteed to fail.

Because in the time it takes you to put up one webpage, or write one sales letters, the guru you're competing against has had a website built, put a product together, written a sales page, designed the ecover, shot a webinar video, set up a download area, created an order form, and much, much more.

But you know what the funny thing is?

They're not the first people to figure out the power of having a qualified team around them.

In fact, when I asked "Mr. X" about it, he said…

He'd Learned It From
One Of America's
Most Successful Billionaires…

Henry Ford.

Here's a story that perfectly illustrates what I'm talking about…

One day, Mr. Ford said to an interviewer, "You want to know why I'm successful? It's because there's no question about cars, this plant, or my business I can't answer."

So the interviewer said, "Okay, Mr. Ford… how many cars do you produce in a month?"

Ford asks him to hold on a minute, picks up the phone, and calls his plant manager. And he gives the interviewer the exact number of cars produced per month.

The interviewer then asks what his profit margin on a model T is… so Ford calls his accountant, gets the number, and passes it on to the journalist.

So the guy asks several more questions… and each time, Ford picks up the phone to ask the best-qualified person in his plant what the answer is.

So then the interviewer says to him, "Mr. Ford, you didn't answer a single one of those questions without consulting with one of your employees!"

Ford said, "I never said I knew all the answers off the top of my head. I just said I'd get you answers."

So he said: "See, the reason I'm so successful is because I employ people much smarter than I am to answer questions for me. That way I can focus on the big picture – growing Ford Motors."

Now, don't get me wrong here…

Employing the right people is a skill all by itself, and this is something a lot of the gurus "forget" when they're selling you an outsourcing course.

See, after I had a few hits under my belt, I decided to create and release my own products outside of the internet marketing niche.

And one thing I learned is that if anyone tells you getting the right team together is easy, then…

They're Either Very, VERY Lucky…
Or Completely Full Of Crap!

After all, it's not enough just to find someone.

You need to find someone who's really good at what they do… is super affordable… and knows exactly how to bring their A-game to your specific project to knock it out of the park.

That ain't easy…

But finding a whole team of 20 people to make it happen?
It's almost impossible.

Either you end up overpaying… get a poor quality end product that's unusable… or spend hours going back and forwards because the person you're talking to has broken English and just doesn't "get" what you're asking.

Now, I did eventually figure out the secrets to putting together a great team for cheap…

But I'm not going to sell you an outsourcing course.

Frankly, managing a team to get a complete business up and running from scratch is challenging even with a ton of experience…

And practically impossible if it's your first rodeo.


The good news is that there's an easy way for you to get a fully set-up and profitable internet business in as little as 30 to 60 days from now even if you don't know the first thing about making money online.

You see, after putting together an all-star team of copywriters, designers, coders, and product creators for my own projects… I kinda felt like it was a waste to let them go.

Sure, the businesses they've built for me keep me busy – and keep the cash coming in…

But I also knew there were a ton of people out there who needed help getting up and running.

So I decided to level the playing field…

And give you access to the same resources the 7-figure earners have at their disposal.

In short…

I Want To Build You
An Entire Business…
From Scratch.

I'll tell you about the details in just a moment…

But first I want to share some success stories from former clients with you.


"This is a rarity on the Internet."

Just like to say that I've engaged Alexandru for some of his services and what's provided is beyond my expectation. Two thumbs up!

In terms of quality, professionalism, communication, this is worth every dollar you spend in my experience. You'll find yourself in good hands, and what really impressed me was Alexandru's commitment to top-notch customer service. He goes above and beyond.

This is a rarity on the Internet. I'm happy to have engaged him and will continue to do so!


Ewen Chia

"I made six figures in sales with a lot of the projects…"

I worked with Alexandru and his team at Dabset for more than two years on many projects from weight loss and make money online to hypnosis. I made six figures in sales with a lot of the projects Alexandru and his team had their fingers involved in.

Since I discovered Dabset I don't think I ever stopped working with them. I had new projects for them all the time. In fact, we're cooking up something big right now. Just get in touch with Alexandru and his team.

You'll see what I'm talking about after exchanging a few emails with them. They'll provide more value in the free consultation than other people do when selling $2k products.


Terence Tan

"Alexandru and Dabset are at the very top of the Internet marketing game…"

I want to take this opportunity to thank Alexandru and his team for the way they managed my project. Highly professional and way above their competition for sure.

I consider myself an experienced marketer who employs the latest technologies and methods for getting the highest conversions possible. I use advanced tools that many marketers never even heard of, but Alexandru and Dabset are at the very top of the Internet marketing industry, there was nothing advanced that I wanted to discuss that they weren't already familiar with. These guys are not faking it, they really know their stuff. I'll have plenty of business to do with them in the future!


Jean-Philippe Schoeffel

"My product was #1 on ClickSure for weeks and had very low refund rates and made a ton of money."

Alexandru and his team produce top quality products. They make your life easy and ALWAYS produce and deliver on time every time.

Not only that, Alexandru always gives ideas on how to improve certain things, which is an added bonus!

My product was #1 on ClickSure for weeks and had very low refund rates and made a ton of money.

If you're thinking about hiring them… go for it. You will make more money in the long run.


Aaron Darko

"…high quality package that I will be able to turn around for big profits."

I have not only received great customer service throughout, but also a high quality package that I will be able to turn around for big profits. Their communication throughout was excellent, and they were happy to change the content to match my exact specifications, which was great for me. They were always very helpful and put my needs first throughout. I can really recommend Dabset to everyone.


Bertus Engelbrecht

"Within the first 7 opt-ins for the webinar, I already have one sale!"

I absolute LOVED the work Alex and his team did for me, very professional and extremely fast to respond. I purchased their Ultimate package and the process was simple, fast and very good looking.

But what we care about is the results, right?

Well, I just got my entire sales funnel up, and I tested it with JUST ONE solo ad at 100 clicks. Within the first 7 opt-ins for the webinar, I already have one sale!

...I only spend $35 dollars on the solo ad, this will be my FIRST 100% recoup on a solo ad investment. I am going to purchase again.

Big plans for using this service again...


Mark Greer

"…4 sales without ANY promotional activities…"

I hired Alexandru and his team for a recent project and I must say I was thrilled with the both the results and the entire process. From the moment I placed the order until the completion of the project the team from Dabset Productions was in constant communication with me at every step of the way.

The delivery of the final product went very smooth, in fact I made 4 sales within the first couple of weeks of receiving the product without any promotional activities at all which was a pleasant surprise. I attribute this to the advanced affiliate center that comes as a standard feature with every package.

It's clear that Alexandru has put together an impeccable team of experts that are second to none in the industry. They take their work very seriously and I would highly recommend them for any upcoming projects you might have.


Ken Hicks

"…highly impressed with their professional approach and dedication."

I would, with great pleasure, recommend Dabset's services to anybody. Recently I gave them a big niche project and I'm highly impressed with their professional approach and dedication, it was really beyond my expectation. I'm really happy to have engaged them on this project and it was really worth every penny I spent.


Sajan Elanthoor

"If you are serious about changing your life, contact them."

This guy is the real deal. He can take you into the big time. He's not the cheapest provider around, but he doesn't come with bullsh*** material either. Don't waste his time. If you are serious about changing your life, contact them.


Matt Jersan

"Alexandru and his team are the real deal."

The team at Dabset is absolutely awesome. The IM product they created for me is fantastic. I love it, very professional and they did everything to fulfill my orders.

They always responded very fast when I had questions or wanted to discuss ideas. If you want to find a great product creator, do not search further. Alexandru and his team are the real deal. Will definitely work with them again.


Jan Wuerschmidt

"…highly impressed with the work Dabset put into the creation of my product."

I must say that I've been very highly impressed with the work Dabset put into the creation of my product.

I was very pleasantly surprised at and deeply appreciative of how insistent the team was that every aspect of my product - the graphics, the squeeze pages, the funnel and the various sales videos - not only worked well, but looked beautiful.

I hope this is just the beginning of a long relationship with 'Team Terrific' at Dabset.


Karl Rowe


Okay, so now you know that this isn't some hastily thrown-together crap.

It's the real deal, and it's taken average people and helped them turn into bonafide six-figure earners.

In short, we give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

We do the market research, product creation, coding, website, sales copy, design, email sequences, SEO, banners, PPC ads, and much more…

AND we give you a 12-month success plan with a month of one-on-one help.

We'll talk more about the plan a little later…

But right now, as silly as it sounds, I'd you to do me a favor and close your eyes.

I want you to imagine what it'd be like to have everything you need to make a full-time internet income at your fingertips.

No more late nights struggling with getting your website to finally look the way it's supposed to…

No more spending hours sorting through hundreds of options, trying to figure out which one will work for YOUR business…

And no more feeling the disappointment of your spouse as you tell them you've blown yet another $100… $500… or even $1,000 without being any closer to achieving your dream.

Instead, you'll get up after a lazy morning's sleep in…

Sit down in front of your computer which is your connection to your own well-oiled money-printing machine…

And put in the few exciting hours it takes to make more than you ever did working a day job.

That's what a Dabset-powered business can do for you.


Well, it's simple…

By giving you absolutely everything you need to succeed. Nothing held back. No secret kept so I'd have something to sell to you every year, nothing like that…

Let Me Show You What A Dabset-Powered
Sales Machine Is Made Of…


Now, just so you know… every sales funnel is different.

I can't tell you exactly what you need until you get your free business strategy analysis…

But let me take a minute to show you what a highly-successful funnel looks like we designed for a recent client looks like…


Exhaustive Research And Analysis

First, there's the detailed market and competition research.

We use our proprietary tools and software to uncover exactly what your competitors are doing, what the market wants, and how much potential cash there is in it for you.

Yes, we work with you to build a business you're passionate about…

But rest assured the last thing we will do is create a full sales funnel that won't bring you in the customers (and cash) you deserve.


High-Quality Products
Your Customers Will Love

Now that we've figured out what market we're going into, it's time for you to get information products like ebooks, videos, and audios that you can use to bring in the cash.

The great thing about selling these items is that people are desperate for high-quality information and will pay handsomely for it (and thank you over and over.)

Plus, with the high margins info-products deliver, you can put the profits in your bank account pretty fast.

You don't need to be a genius in your market – in fact, you don't have to know the first thing about it, because our team does all the hard work for you.

We'll deliver you a whole suite of products, helping you get maximum cash from every customer you ring in, and building your bottom line faster.

In addition to the standard 80-page ebook, you'll also get a whopping 2 hours of audio and video content.


But that's just the beginning.

We'll also deliver a second product for you to "upsell" your customers from, padding your bottom line…

AND we'll also give you 3 months of membership content.

When you're charging $20 – 50 a month for every customer, it doesn't take much to make a huge profit… and that's exactly what our high-quality products will allow you to do.

We'll also give you a short report you can use as "lead bait". Give it away to bring people into your sales funnel, use it as free advertising… the choice is yours.


Cash-Sucking Sales Copy

Next, it's time for us to write the sales copy for you.

If you've been working at an online business for any amount of time, you probably already know that copywriting is one of the most powerful, high-demand skills out there.

Now, good copywriters can easily charge you $10,000 up front – plus a percentage of sales – just for ONE sales letter for ONE product.

And because copy can make or break your business, people will gladly pay it.

Thing is though, over my time working with the gurus, I've built connections – and am owed favors – by some extremely persuasive copywriters…

Guys who can take our one-of-a-kind multi-step funnel and transform it into your personal cash-spitting ATM.

You see, here's a secret most people don't get (and the gurus will never tell you this…)

If you want to have any chance of succeeding with your online business, you need to sell to your customers not just once… but over and over again.

That's why all Dabset packages offer a full sales funnel designed and written by expert marketers and copywriters.

You see, after we do an in-depth analysis of your market and the offer we're creating for you, we decide the best way to sell it.

We'll create a lead capture page that forces people to opt-in to your email list…

We'll create powerful emails that compel them to purchase…

An hour-long webinar that gets them to know, like, and trust you (and eager to purchase anything you put in front of them…)

And powerful sales pages combining text and video for the perfect money-generating "one two" punch.

Nothing has been left out…

You get every piece of a well-oiled internet sales machine you need, expertly designed…

Allowing you to simply sit back, send the traffic, and collect the money.

And it's not just a one-time sales attempt, either…

We set up and load an automated email service to send out sales emails to your prospects (loaded with valuable content) for the next 90 days.

This gives you even more chances to profit and gives you even more customers to continue to sell to…

Adding zeroes to your bank account.


A Complete Automated Behavior-Based Marketing Setup (Including Fully Customized Affiliate Tools)

And don't forget, it's not just the sales and marketing we do…

We also completely handle the technical setup.

We install automated email systems, allowing you to blast the list you'll be building with affiliate offers for a quick cash infusion to pay for that vacation you've been wanting…

But that's not all…

We also do what no other "business in a box" provider can do, and create an intelligent marketing machine that tracks your subscribers' behavior and only sends them emails based on their interests and actions.

We also help you create advanced retargeting campaigns to bring back those who were interested but didn't purchase.

The systems we'll build for you will actually be able to detect when someone is ready to buy and then hit them with your offer…

Allowing you to capture them precisely when they're ready to buy.

By the way… this is the exact email marketing system that we use in our business, so you know it's been tested and proven to work better than anything else available.

We'll also include "Evergreen" pre-recorded webinars to give customers huge value… even though you won't be doing any of the hard work…

And personalized tracking tools so you know exactly what is making you the most money in your business.


Hell, we'll create and upload every part of your website so you don't have to lift a finger.

Design, uploading, coding, installing programs… we handle it all and hand you the keys to a fully functional-money-making machine.

We'll even list your product on Clickbank to allow you to instantly tap into one of the largest online affiliate databases around, full of marketers hungry to promote YOUR offer to their list.

And better still, we'll make it dead-easy for them to make you both a lot of money.


For a start, we create you a powerful, compelling video telling affiliates the benefits of promoting your offer, and why they'd be crazy to pass up the opportunity.

We'll set up an advanced affiliate center, giving your affiliates the tracking, tools, and peace of mind they need to promote your offer.

We'll even give them all the tools they need so they simply relax, use our pre-created tools, and watch the money come in for both of you.

We'll write your affiliates emails, banners, PPC ads, articles, and more, so they can use all this to effectively promote your offer.

But we don't expect you to completely rely on affiliates for your business' income.

That's why we'll set up a fully search engine optimized blog that will automatically and naturally bring in hot leads to your business – again, all handled 100% by us.

Now, already you're looking at the most comprehensive, high-quality "business in a box" package available anywhere online…

But I've saved the best for last.


Free One-on-One "Hand-Holding" & a 12-Month Step-By-Step Plan

You see, unlike other providers, we don't just give you the system and move on to the next customer.

That's like giving you the keys to a fighter jet without any training on how to fly it.

o once your sales funnel is finished, we'll give you a free "sit down" with one of our Dabset business consultants so they can create you a comprehensive 12-month plan.

Once you let them know what your goals are, they'll break it down into actionable, month-by-month strategies.

You'll know exactly what to do – and exactly when to do it – to grow your business as quickly as possible.

We'll tell you when you should launch your product for maximum exposure…

Which traffic method to use to send hordes of hungry buyers to your funnel…

When you should expand your advertising reach (and exactly how to do that…)

And much, much more.

In the past, clients have paid thousands for this service…

But for the first month it's complimentary with your Dabset-powered sales funnel.

But that's not all…

I'm also going to throw in a 100% FREE month of training with our Dabset business consultants. They'll provide a lot of insider tricks and tips that we use for our own business, like:

Easy ways to generate hordes of targeted visitors to your website, ready to buy anything you put in front of them…

How to attract high-powered JV partners who will line your pockets with their traffic…

The secret to making your business even more profitable, just by watching what your current visitors do…

Exactly what kind of ads your top competitors are running to bring in the cash, and exactly where they're running them…

How to use the "competitive intelligence" we give you to edge out your competitors by taking their top methods, putting your own twist on it, and laughing all the way to the bank…

And much, much more.

That's only the beginning though.

You see, our consultants work with all kinds of different businesses…

So they've got their finger squarely on the pulse of today's marketing trends.

In fact, our consultants can work on dozens of high-performing sales funnels…

But, there is a downside…

Due to the nature of this service we will only be able to work with a limited number of entrepreneurs every month, so the complimentary guidance and hand-holding may disappear anytime. Make sure you check our availability by contacting us.


Which Makes It
Easy For Them
To Take What's
Sucking In
And Use It In
YOUR Business…

In fact, our consultants will even manage tweaking, and optimizing your sales copy, squeeze pages, order forms, and more…

All to ensure you get the most ROI possible for the specific traffic being driven to YOUR website.

We'll even set you up with over $600 a month worth of software, allowing you to get an instant advantage over your competition.

Look… with a system this detailed, understanding what's going on in your business can be tough.

It's easy to get lost in a sea of numbers without really understanding what you're looking at.

That's why we cut the fluff and give you a custom "dashboard" showing you the simple, must-know metrics you can use to improve your business.

It's all 100% free as part of our limited guidance offer.

You can't expect to run a business without this and as far as I know NONE Of our competitors even know how to do this for you.

You'll also get access to industry-leading tools that show you exactly where your competitors are making the most money…

Heat maps that tell you exactly what your visitors are doing on your website, allowing you to effortlessly tweak your site for higher conversions…

And insight on to what kind of advertising copy and ads are working best for your colleagues and competitors, so you can grow your business even faster.


Best Of All, You Won't Have To
Lift A Finger To Implement ANY Of This…

Because our consultants will automatically test, tweak, and improve your whole funnel to keep on the cutting edge of highly-profitable business practices.

That's right…

They will create, implement, and monitor a TON of changes to your website and funnel, pushing your business profits even higher…

While you sit back, relax, and cash the paychecks.

Now, I'll level with you…

I have kind of an ulterior motive for offering this coaching to you.

You see, I firmly believe after you experience it for one full month, you'll see the value in it…

And hire one of my sales consultants to continue to boost your business' profits.


But it's 100% optional.

If you can part with the weekly phone coaching, advanced software, and our constant testing and tweaking on your behalf… just let us know.

We'll part friends and will still give you the support you need for your Dabset funnel.

Now, if you're still with me, congratulations…

Because I know that was a lot of info to take in.

But if it's this intense just hearing about it…

Can You Imagine
What It Takes To
Create One Of
These Well-Oiled
Sales Machines?


It's easily hundreds – usually thousands – of man hours.

In fact, if you knew exactly what you were doing, and had all the skills to create a high-quality sales funnel, I'm betting it'd still take you between 3 and 6 months of "full time" work to get it all done…

And that's assuming you didn't "burn out" in the process.

Of course, there are very few people in the world who have even half of those skills at their disposal, let alone all of them…

Which means you've gotta outsource it…

And that's a whole new set of challenges.

Do you know where to get the right people (HINT: it's not oDesk or eLance…)

How to get a high-quality service provider for cheap (as I said, even one sales page can set you back thousands of dollars…)

Or how to make sure the people you're hiring don't just take your money and run?

I know I didn't the first time I tried. It took me months (and tens of thousands of dollars I'll never get back) before I even knew enough to get the project completed.

Hell, even if you do know exactly what you're doing – and who to hire – if you don't have the connections I do, you'll still pay through the nose.

Now, don't me wrong – it's reasonable to pay $20,000, $30,000 or even $50,000 for a project of this scope and complexity.

In fact, based on the money it could potentially make you, I'd say it's still a good deal.

People pay more than that for a franchise… only to end up working even longer, harder hours than they did at their J.O.B…

Just so they have the CHANCE to maybe ONE DAY retire in comfort.

On the other hand…

When You've Got Your Own Online Business,
Every Day Is Like Retirement…


Remember, the system we'll set up does all the heavy lifting for you. So you "work" a couple of hours a day when you feel like.

Imagine sleeping in while everyone else is making a zombie-like stumble to the coffee pot…

Enjoying a relaxed breakfast while everyone else is fighting rush hour traffic…

And enjoying some light work on the porch or by the pool while everyone else is getting chewed out by their boss in an office.

A lot of people would give everything they owned for a lifestyle like that.

When you really think about it, $30,000 for a complete lifestyle change is a no-brainer.

But the connections I have and favors I'm owed mean I can offer you this complete package for a LOT less than $30,000.

How much less?

Well, that depends on exactly what kind of funnel you need…

And the only way to find that out is for you to contact us by filling out the button below.

There's a catch though…

We're not going to take just anyone in.

Due to the commitment involved from both ends, we need to make sure anyone who wants to take advantage of this opportunity is a good fit for us.

Once you fill out the form below, we'll get in touch with you with more information.

We'll get in touch to figure out what you're looking for and why you want to get involved in this opportunity.

Now, I'll be frank – this form is also a bit of an interview.

You see, if after having our first discussion you don't feel we're going to give you the business you want, no problem… just let us know.

We'll part friends.

Otherwise, we'll make arrangements to finalize payment, give you a schedule you can expect everything delivered, and move forward from there.

Sound good?

I'm pretty sure it does…

Because you're still here.

And that tells me three things…

First, that you're serious about creating a successful online business.

Second, that you understand the power – or even necessity – of working with someone who knows exactly what they're doing.

And finally, that you realize success requires a level of commitment and investment.

Remember… you don't have to make any decisions today.

Simply fill out the form below, we'll get in touch with you, and we can see if we're a fit.

Thank You, We Will Conatct You Soon

My consultants and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

To your success,


Alexandru Alin Tilici

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